Kilombero Energy Project 


  • Improvement of the energy efficiency of Ruembe Cane Sugar Factory in Kilombero, part of Illovo Group
  • The aim of the project was to reduce steam and bagasse consumption to run a new ethanol plant both during the harvest and off-crop
  • Country: TANZANIA
  • Contract Period: 2012-2013
  • Engineering: 2 months
  • Equipment Supply: 12 months
  • Installation: 5 months

Process Design

  • Energy and Mass Balance
  • Equipment and pipe sizing
  • P&ID’s for modifications

Design & Supply of Equipment

  • One 1000 m2 Robert Evaporator
  • Two 300 m2 shell & tube Heaters
  • Associated supporting structures & platforms
  • Associated piping & valves

Mechanical Erection

  • Erection of new Steelwork and platforms
  • Modification of existing structures
  • Erection of the new process equipment
  • Equipment insulation

Piping Installation

  • Re-routing of existing pipe
  • Installation of new process and steam piping