Alexandria Sugar Project


  • Relocation of a Beet Sugar Factory from Spain to Egypt for Alexandria Sugar Company, part of the SAVOLA Group
  • Country: EGYPT
  • Contract Period: 2009-2013
  • Dismantling supervision: 9 months
  • Re-engineering: 18 months
  • Erection Supervision: 24 months

Basic Engineering

  • Survey of existing plant equipment in Spain
  • Re-engineering of plant for Egyptian conditions
  • Management of equipment list for new plant
  • Specifications for purchase of new mechanical equipment
  • Specifications for purchase of piping, valves and fittings

Plant Layout

  • Plant layout for the new Beet Sugar Factory in Egypt
  • Layout drawings for each plant zone
  • Updating of drawings with information from suppliers


  • Referencing of P&ID’s for old plant
  • P&ID’s for new plant
  • Management of old & new equipment, instrument and valve lists
  • Updating of P&ID’s with information from suppliers

Engineering Coordination & Review

  • Coordination between consultants
  • Review of detail design with respect to plant layout and P&ID’s
  • Solving of technical issues

Dismantling Supervision

  • Supervision of the dismantling works
  • Verification of equipment tagging in Spain before shipping
  • Verification of packing lists before shipping
  • Verification of condition of dismantled equipment before shipping
  • Compilation of Equipment Reports giving technical information for all recovered items

Erection Supervision

  • Supervision of erection contractors in Egypt
  • Supply of information and guidance for erection of equipment from Spain
  • Compilation of Erection Manuals for equipment from Spain