Alteo Refinery 

  • Construction of a new 600 tons/day Sugar Refinery for Alteo Group
  • Project management was performed by a joint team between Emineo and the Client
  • Country: MAURITIUS
  • Contract Period: 2008-2009
  • Design & Procurement: 1 year
  • Installation works: 6 months

Project Management

  • Project planning
  • Coordination with process consultants
  • Tendering, evaluation of offers, issue of orders
  • Construction management
  • Quality Management
  • Progress follow up and reporting
  • Meetings preparation, coordination and reporting
  • Monthly progress reporting
  • Commissioning management

Procurement Management

  • Tender documents for the refinery equipment, refinery building, staging & piping, sugar conditioning, handling & conveying system
  • Technical & commercial adjudication

Project Engineering

  • Clarification of information issued by process consultants
  • Review and correction of guide drawings from process consultants before tendering
  • Updating of plant layout drawing with information from suppliers.

Piping Design

  • Review and correction of piping guide drawings from consultants
  • Preparation of detailed drawings for piping erection
  • Design, routing and detailing of interconnecting piping between the Refinery and the Sugar Factory

Structural Steel Design

  • Design of structural steelwork
  • Preparation of structural steel guide drawings
  • Preparation of Bill of Quantities for steel purchase
  • Preparation of Design Report for Building Permit

Mechanical Erection

  • Erection of the refinery building, steelwork, equipment installations, piping and insulation
  • Fabrication of the Refinery Building, equipment staging and platforms

Piping Installation

  • Installation of refinery plant piping as well as all interconnecting piping to existing raw sugar factory