Xinavane Mozambique


  • Expansion of Açucareira de Xinavane Sugar mill (AdX), majority-owned by Tongaat Hulett Sugar South Africa, based on technology and process design by Tongaat Hulett Technology and Engineering Group.
  • The expansion consists of the construction of a back end refinery, a first ever for AdX, having a capacity of 90,000T per annum.
  • A fast track project which amounts to an investment of 450T of Structural Steel, 5.7km of piping, approx. 142 vessels and mechanical equipment over a duration of 8 months.
  • Emineo Ltd together with South African Partner, SiVEST, was signed up as the EPCM body and main mechanical contractors. A joint venture which proved to be successful for the client.

Emineo and SiVEST (EPCM)

  • Emineo and SiVEST shared the responsibilities in the following coherence:
    • An audit of the Client’s process design of the new plant was carried out by Emineo
    • Subsequently the detailed design and engineering was finalized by SiVEST in agreement with the Client.
    • Construction management was ensured by teams from both companies, with SiVEST from a more administrative level and Emineo more engaged on site.
    • On the 11th of September 2018, 10 days after the initial target date set by the client, Açucareira de Xinavane refinery produced their first ever white sugar; an applaudable achievement acknowledged by the client, considering the challenges faced.


  • In order to meet the demands of a fast track project more efficiently, Emineo and SiVEST were also contracted with a statement of work as follows:
    • Materials rigging (Loading/Offloading)
    • Piping Erection
    • Equipment Installation
    • Modifications relative to design changes arising during installation phase
    • Assistance to commissioning
  • An independent team (Independent of EPCM team), comprising largely of field workers from Emineo was appointed for the construction works.
  • Skilled and Unskilled labour from India and Mozambique were also appointed to meet with the high work load during the peak period of the project.

Man Power and HSE

  • While the number of field worker’s staff peaked to 154 over the project duration, 16 minor injuries and near misses were reported over 8 months of construction.
  • With a MIFR of 12.86, DIFR of 0 and FIFR of 0 over 140,000 man hours on site, The Emineo staff honors the company’s policy of safe working at all times, even under high pressure; as well as building further up on the ability of managing large man power irrespective of the country of origin