Omnicane Massecuite Reheater


  •  Replacement of existing C massecuite reheater at Omnicane Sugar factory at La Baraque by a more efficient unit with improved performance.
  • Emineo designed, supplied and installed the vessel manufactured in India.
  • Country: Mauritius
  • Contract period: 2019-2020


  • Installation of a new massecuite reheater with horizontal finned-tube to replace existing vessel.
  • Design of massecuite reheater and generation of manufacturing drawings.
  •  Generation of general layout drawings, piping drawings, structural guide drawings and civil guide drawings.


  • Massecuite reheater, large bore piping and accessories manufactured in India

Mechanical Installation & Commissioning

  • Management of sub-contractors (civil, mechanical, electrical, scaffolding, etc.), including quality as well as health and safety on site
  • Quality control management
  • Progress reports and planning updates issued to client up to completion of project.